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What You Need To Know About 5G Wireless and “Small” Cells

The radiation from small cells is not small: Wireless antennas emit microwaves — non-ionizing radiofrequency radiation — and essentially function as cell towers. Each installation can have over a thousand antennas that are transmitting simultaneously. Millions of small cells to be built in front yards: The Federal Communications Commission estimates that millions of these wireless transmitters will be built in our rights-of-way, directly in front of our homes. 5G will add to — not replace — our current wireless technology: 5G will not only utilize current 3G and 4G wireless frequencies already in use but also add higher frequency — submillimeter and millimeter waves — in order to transmit data at superfast speeds. Community authority is overruled: Communities are being stripped of their right to make decisions about this new technology. ”Streamlining” means almost automatic approval. Public notice and public hearings are being eliminated. Even if every homeowner on the block opposes the antennas on their street, the opposition will be disregarded. Scientists worldwide are calling for a halt to the 5G Roll-out: Over 200 scientists and doctors issued a declaration calling for a moratorium on the increase of 5G cell antennas citing human health effects and impacts to wildlife.

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